Funding Assistance for 2015 Summit Delegates

WorldStrides Scholarship Details

In 2014, WorldStrides awarded nearly $100,000 in need-based scholarships to make Summit participation and China exploration more accessible for students. The organization will provide need-based scholarships for the 2015 event, as well.  

Who Qualifies for a Scholarship?
A  scholarship will be provided to participants from family households earning less than $85,000 adjusted gross income. In some instances, WorldStrides may grant scholarships to participants from family households with higher adjusted gross income if there are extenuating circumstances at home. All participants who apply for the WorldStrides scholarship must be enrolled as a full-time student and must also plan to participate in a full US-China Summit experience.

How To Apply
Scholarships are available to delegation members traveling with university groups and individual students participating in the Summit without a university delegation. For additional information, please contact